Next Nokia 770 to come out with Google Talk
Saturday May 13th 2006, 9:54 pm Category: Nokia 770 news

Google and Nokia formed a partnership for a version of Nokia 770 to have Google Talk on it. Google Talk currently incorporates text messaging and VOIP features.

It’s not yet clear how the partnership will work out. According to MSNBC report,

Nokia expects the device to go on sale globally and cost about 300 euros, or about $390, the person said. Nokia also is talking to other companies about incorporating their Internet communication software onto the device.

$390 is a hefty price, and one would expect that with such significant branding and sticking to just one kind of VOIP client Google would subsidize at least part of the cost to get its client out there.

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$390 is a hefty price yes but what if the new device has a better processor, more memory and was subsidised by google?


Comment by Steve Paine 05.13.06 @ 10:32 pm

Does anyone have any information about backward compatibility? Will current owners get a firmware/OS upgrade to make this work on current models?

Comment by Tom Loughlin 05.14.06 @ 12:01 am

Y’know, Google might be subsidizing that price. Engadget is reporting the next version will have a qwerty, and we might be getting more memory, so, who knows?
People have been talking about some sort of a google system that works with location-sensative ads, so, maybe this is what we’re gonna see?

Comment by David 05.14.06 @ 1:28 am

Steve, I’m willing to bet it’s the exact same device with a bluetooth headset…

Comment by Jussi Kukkonen 05.14.06 @ 4:06 pm


You’re probably right. I think the market could bear a higher price for a better version of the Nokia.


Comment by Steve Paine 05.14.06 @ 6:00 pm
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