Sudoku for Nokia 770
Sunday September 17th 2006, 12:18 am Category: Nokia 770 development

GPE-Sudoku for Nokia 770 is available for download.

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This works perfectly. I’d like to thank the guy who did this but I’ve wasted so much time playing, I’d better not.
I haven’t found a way to raise (or lower) the difficulty level…………

Comment by glenn 10.16.06 @ 5:17 am

Sudoku has become a new addiction of mine, I really should stay away from this or I may never get any work done!

Comment by jimbo 11.12.06 @ 10:03 am

Yeah, this is pretty fun, but with its default difficulty level, it stops being challenging after a day or two. I was in a Barnes & Noble yesterday, and they have a ton of sudoku books, but after going electronic (on the N770, of course), there’s no going back. It’s like solitaire. Once you play on a computer, using real cards is excruciating.

Comment by Randall 01.08.07 @ 11:13 am

Love the program on the N770 - I enter the numbers from the daily paper, save the puzzle and then try to solve on a day-to-day basis. It’s great & addictive.
Is there or will there be a version for the N800 - I am looking for a reason (excuse !) to upgrade.

Comment by Marillet 05.30.07 @ 12:23 am
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