Call 60 countries for free with Gizmo Project and Nokia 770
Friday July 28th 2006, 9:38 pm Category: Unrelated news

SIPphone, Inc., developers of the free Gizmo Project Internet calling software, announced their “All Calls Free” program. The new program gives active Gizmo Project users unlimited free calling to landlines and mobile phones in 60 countries around the world. People who wish to participate simply download Gizmo Project, sign up for a free account and add their friends, family and business contacts to their Gizmo Project Contact list. Callers can then call their Contacts on their mobile phones, landlines or Gizmo Project for free. There is no cost to sign-up and the program is available to anyone. More information on this new calling plan can be found at

To be eligible for All Calls Free, users have to log in to their account and make a call using Gizmo Project to attain “active” status. Thereafter, calls to other active Gizmo Project users in select countries will be free. Active users are those people who regularly use Gizmo Project to make calls to other Gizmo Project users (on a PC) or to any landline or mobile phone. The free Gizmo Project software for Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, Linux and the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet can be downloaded at

The program includes countries such as China, the United States, Brazil, Japan, Germany, Thailand, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, South Korea, Spain, Canada, and more. Most European and Asian countries are also included. A full list of countries may be found at Calls to other countries not on the list, or calls to users who do not have an active status, will be billed at the standard low rates found at

“The All Calls Free program allows Gizmo Project users to call more than 2 billion landline or mobile phones around the world at no cost to them. There are no hidden fees or catches and we hope to extend the program to more countries in the near future,” said Jason Droege, president of SIPphone. “This is a great reason for people to get their family and friends to make all their calls using Gizmo Project,” Droege concluded.

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The Gizmo software is free (as in no cost), but Gizmo is not free software. I think it would be less misleading to call it freeware.

Comment by Marius Gedminas 07.28.06 @ 11:26 pm

what i’d *love* to see is gaim combined with this. if gizmo was first to get gaim to work on the 770 i think they would get many new users.

Comment by Eric 07.30.06 @ 5:25 am

I want to call for free

Comment by Hayder 08.30.07 @ 8:11 pm
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