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Monday June 25th 2007, 1:33 pm Category: Nokia 770 links

Visit, the online retailer that sells one product a day, for Nokia 770 on sale for $129 and $5 shipping:

There we were, idling away a sunny lunch hour on a bench outside Applebee’s, feeling our lunch of deep-fried chicken wads settle comfortably into our gut and browsing the intertubes with our Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. We’d just opened an email with a very lucrative offer from a widow in Cote d’Ivoire when our reveries were interrupted by a visit from a stranger. Obese, panting, the beer-company logo on his t-shirt stretched and distorted, flesh spilling from both the top and bottom of his sweatshorts, the unexpected caller flopped onto the bench. We feared for our safety as the bench trembled under the strain.

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I actually found this site while ordering the 770 from
Cant wait!

Comment by David 06.25.07 @ 1:42 pm

Nokia 770 por 129 $…

El 770 es la primera versión del Internet Tablet de Nokia que ya está descatalogado y superado por el N800, pero todavía es util y en el proyecto Maemo del GNU/Linux sigue teniendo actualizaciones. En está a precio de saldo –sobre Woot,…

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I have been a lurker on this site and others dedicated to the Nokia tablets and this sale is what has finally done it.

I bought 2 today!!!

Comment by Aaron 06.26.07 @ 3:44 am

139.99 free shipping

Comment by Erik 06.26.07 @ 7:21 pm

So how does one get a USB-based GPS unit to work with the 770?

Comment by Sardy 07.05.07 @ 1:36 pm

[…] If you couldn’t get the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet for $134 (shipped) on Woot last month and you have an additional $6 in your wallet, you can pick up the Linux-based N800 predecessor right now for $140 on Amazon. […]

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