SIPPhone client for Nokia 770
Sunday July 16th 2006, 7:10 am Category: Nokia 770 development

Om Malik reports on Gizmo project client for Nokia 770. Gizmo Project is the software product of SIPPhone, the download for Nokia 770 is available here.

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Has anyone tried using this yet?


Comment by Marc 07.20.06 @ 9:53 pm

Is it compatible with Asterik?

Comment by Joshua Bloom 07.20.06 @ 9:56 pm

Hi guys, yeah, it works great.
Give me a call, my gizmo name is Kevin_Stabel.

Comment by kevin stabel 07.22.06 @ 12:27 am

I’ve given it a quick go.

Installed very easily. Signing up for an id gives you 25 cents credit to try dialing real telephone numbers.

Sound quality was ok but there was a more noticable delay than on skpye. But it does say its a beta.

Comment by nitroushhh 07.22.06 @ 5:52 pm

This is stupid, it’s a sip client that ONLY works with their servers.

What is the point?

Comment by badmojo 07.23.06 @ 2:03 pm

[…] VoIP and instant-messaging features have not yet been implemented - VOIP (at the time of writing was not included) has now been included, but IM was (in the form of GAIM). […]

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Keeping the thread alive :)

I just got my 770 about a week ago and installed the Gizmo cloent 2 days ago. I took the plunge and added $10 in call credit. Its good for VOIP although my Sony Mylo with Skype is better. The built-in ‘Party Line’ number must be disconnected or something because it’s a choppy mess. I do need to buy a pair of good earbuds-you can’t use a bluetooth headset but you can listen via the headphone while speaking into the speaker.

Comment by Jacqueline 07.10.07 @ 7:47 pm
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