Google Talk to support mylo, too
Saturday August 12th 2006, 6:37 am Category: Nokia 770 competition

Nokia 770 is getting what looks like a heavier competitor, as Google announces support for upcoming Sony mylo. Never a leader in the Internet space, Google seems to push its client heavily on every portable client that’s WiFi-compatible, which might play well with the rumored nationwide WiFi coverage that started off recently in Mountain View, CA. Om even suggests a competition where Google Talk would be ported to Symbian platform, which would suddenly make an entire family of devices compatible with one voice network. From the Google announcement:

The mylo comes with built-in Google Talk IM support so you can see who’s online and available, manage your contacts, and hold multiple chat conversations at once. It also features quick access to Gmail.

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Another sad use of a deficient talk program. Google Talk does not support multi-person calls!! Let me make that clear: I cannot talk with my two brothers on the same call!! I was an early adopter of G-Talk, but all of us have fallen away. We have written Google endlessly…but to no result. To this day, we must use Skype to chat by voice. Nokia did a real disservice by tying us to G-Talk. It would be very good if Nokia assisted in porting Skype to our 770s.

Comment by ARK 08.12.06 @ 7:54 pm

hi, this product is one the best i have ever seen.
i don’t know much how to use it but for sur iwill,because i love it.

Comment by musliue jalloh 09.01.06 @ 11:31 am

so when is it coming out? i cant find it…

Comment by alex 09.11.06 @ 4:23 am

For those who are looking for a best IM a VoIP program for the 770, you should look at the

Maybe it is even better than Skype.

Comment by Marcos 09.18.06 @ 9:27 pm

Your problem with Google Talk is with the client, not the protocol. Jingle (the VoIP extension to Jabber, which Google Talk uses) doesn’t prohibit the initiation of conference calling. You just want a more feature-rich client.

Gizmo is a great program (far better than Skype), but it uses SIP, which isn’t as good with firewall issues, and isn’t as simple to implement as Google Talk.

Skype is worthless, because it doesn’t use Jingle _or_ SIP. It isn’t interoperable. It doesn’t use a standard. Skype will die, albeit slowly, as Jingle (the protocol Google Talk is built on) becomes the standard.

Comment by CLAY SHENTRUP 12.16.06 @ 3:36 am
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