Nokia 770 for $129 on sale at eCost
Monday August 27th 2007, 12:21 pm Category: Uncategorized

Nokia 770 is currently the bargain of the day at eCost. The price is $129. Want it for somewhat less? You have to register with a deal-seeking site FatWallet, then go to their eCost section, and click through to go to eCost, earning 2.1% (roughly $2.50) payable to you 90 days after the purchase. Before buying make sure it’s really something that you want as eCost is one of those few merchants that rapes you on return policies, refusing to accept any returns, claiming all sales are final, and making you jump through the hoops of manufacturer phone support if the product you got in the mail is defective.

TabletPCReview reviews N800
Friday January 26th 2007, 8:59 am Category: Uncategorized

TabletPCReview does a review of Nokia’s new N800 model:

My first impressions are fairly positive. It has some nice new features not included in its predecessor, the Nokia 770, like a built-in web camera, dual memory card slots, stereo speakers and a stand.

Gary Krakow reviews Nokia 770
Tuesday November 29th 2005, 11:11 pm Category: Uncategorized

Gary Krakow, a well-known tech writer currently at MSNBC reviews Nokia 770 in his latest article:

In a week’s time I got to love the 770 and appreciate all of its features. In the future I’m considering leaving my laptop at home and just using the Nokia 770 as my very portable tablet computer.

Saturday October 01st 2005, 2:47 am Category: Uncategorized

Another link from Nokia 770 postponed.

It looked like a good accessory for Christmas season anyway, don’t forget that with the current price of gas and a couple of hurricanes leaving people jobless and homeless, Americans will spend much less on consumer electronics in 2005 anyway.

Not only it’s a Wi-Fi gadget, it’s a router, too
Monday August 08th 2005, 4:58 am Category: Uncategorized, Unrelated news

Cisco Systems is interested in buying Nokia. What a strange marriage that would be, but there are some reasons to believe MarketWatch rumor:

The move is part of Cisco’s effort to increase its wireless infrastructure technology, according to the newspaper, which did not identify the source of its information. The report said Cisco had traditionally concentrated on acquisitions of niche technology players, but its Chief Executive John Chambers is believed to be interested in merging with a wireless infrastructure company, and Nokia has been identified as a likely target.

Update: BusinessWeek offers more insightful analysis:

It’s an audacious project, one with the potential to make Linksys more of a household name — maybe not as a maker of phones, TVs, and cameras, but as the company that makes them all work together. With the number of networked homes expected to rise from 2.5 million in 2004 to 21.6 million in 2009, according to IDC analyst Jonathan Gaw, there’s a rich potential market.

Maximum interest, revenues for portable media players below $200
Sunday August 07th 2005, 6:23 pm Category: Uncategorized, Unrelated news

Note to Nokia - how about pricing the 770 below $200? Parks Associates says that’s where the user interest peaks and the big bucks start rolling in.