Complete Nokia 770 specifications
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Nokia 770 specs

Microprocessor 220-MHz, ARM9-based Texas Instruments (TI) OMAP 1710
On-board memory 128 MB, more than 64 MB available to the user
Memory slot RS-MMC (Reduced size MultiMedia Card)
Battery Standard Li-ion BP-5L Battery 1500 mAh (3 hours browse, 7 hours standby)
WiFi 802.11 b/g
Bluetooth Bluetooth 1.2 - dial-up networking, file transfer, generic access, SIM access, and serial port profiles
Audio Audio out
PC connectivity USB (slave mode only) via DKE-2 cable
Power Power connector
Audio support MP3, MPEG4, AAC, WAV, AMR, MP2
Image support JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PNG, Animated GIF format, SVG-tiny, ICO
Video MPEG1, MPEG4, Real Video, H.263, AVI, 3GP
OS Internet Tablet 2005 (Maemo-based)
Linux specs 2.6 kernel, GNOME-based GUI
Internationalization UI supported in British English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, American English, Canadian French, Mexican Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese
Dimensions Dimensions: 5.5 inches x 3.1 inches x 0.70 inch
Weight 8.1 ounces
Temperature -15°F to 130°F
Color Black
Screen 800×480 touch screen with up to 65,536 colors
Travel charger AC-4
Desk stand DT-7 (included with the device)
Mobile charger DC-4
Charger adapter CA-44

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And the same in units for the rest of us:
Temperature -26°C to 54°C
Dimensions 14 cm x 7.9 cm x 1.8 cm

Comment by Jussi Kukkonen 11.08.05 @ 2:51 pm

Does it use a special enhanced BP-5L? Reason I ask is, all the BP-5Ls I see for sale on the net are only 1300mAh. Can someone confirm?

Comment by Rob2 11.19.05 @ 4:52 am

If I were to get a higher capacity RS-MMC (Reduced size MultiMedia Card) , would the Nokia 770 recognize it ?

Comment by Sam 01.03.06 @ 1:06 am

I have a 1 gigabyte RS-MMC card, it works fine.

Comment by Shae Erisson 01.19.06 @ 1:02 am

Can you plug in a regular-sized MMC-card? I assume it’ll work fine, but just stick out too far (based on pictures of the plastic RS-MMC-to-MMC gizmos I’ve seen).

Comment by mzandrew 02.09.06 @ 4:51 am

Several of our customers have purchased 1GB RS-MMC Memory (ATP Memory) and it works fine on their Nokia 770 Internet Tablet… therefore we recommend either RS-MMC Memory or MMCMobile for this device.

Comment by Robert 02.13.06 @ 12:02 am

Hey I was looking at this device, and it seems totally sweet. But can you take notes on it?


Comment by Paul 02.13.06 @ 1:50 am

Could you install a program to read and write to Word format documents like in Star Office and a photo editor to resize jpg images? Is their an Acrobat file type reader program?

Comment by Jean 02.25.06 @ 3:50 pm

im wondering if this unit has attached camera?

Comment by Aleth 03.01.06 @ 10:48 am

Too little of RAM… Any rumours on model 780 or 870?

Comment by andrew 03.03.06 @ 6:09 am

i currently owned one and hated it. better off w/ palm treo.

Comment by dan 04.02.06 @ 10:43 am

I just want to know if I can use word, excel and outlook in the nokia 770. Thx

Comment by Reda 04.20.06 @ 10:25 am

One Note.

USB works also in Host Mode but need to have externat power supply for Usb Device.

Comment by Max 05.04.06 @ 6:59 pm

iv got the 770,
the new O.S (2006) may include the RS-mmc to be used as a external RAM device up to 1 gig as i understand it (pherhaps nonsense)
question: i hope that the 770 has a camera.
answer: no, i dosent have a camera.

Comment by kserver 05.21.06 @ 2:56 am

to Reda:
no, the 770 cannot read exel, word or outlook.
there are other programs to read these formates.

Comment by kserver 05.21.06 @ 3:00 am

What kind of WiFi chipset is used? What about the features of the WiFi driver supplied, like AP mode, radiotap,…

Comment by gvegidy 05.22.06 @ 6:40 am

Nice, I like it. Not the tablet so much but the fact that Nokia has some of these NOOBS thinking of running a GNU+Linux distro with out most of them knowing or caring!!! REAL NICE. Maybe some day they will grow up and get some idea of the f reedom that GNU+Linux can give them over their current desktop systems.

Comment by Sean Campbell 06.29.06 @ 4:18 pm

l take back my rave comments about Nokia using Linux. It seems that this distro if you can call it that was and is not developed in the community and that usually means that THE SUITS are hiding something. This looks like just another TIVO to me.

Comment by Sean Campbell 06.30.06 @ 1:36 pm

CPU clock frequency is actually 250MHz

Comment by ssvb 07.10.06 @ 5:05 am

Can the nokia 770 connect to a usb flash data stick via a usb adaptor and run movies off the data stick?

Comment by wingchun 07.18.06 @ 9:28 pm

how do i get extra pointers for the 770? i seem to lose my pointers all the time. also, is it useful to buy a spare battery [is it the BP-5L?] which i can charge up and then carry with me in case i run out of battery life without an outlet nearby?
finally, the leather case for the 770 that you can order on e-bay and elsewhere is a real winner.

Comment by richard gaylord 07.31.06 @ 12:22 am

hai it looks pleasent but it seems lack of camera & Fm

Comment by vijaya 08.09.06 @ 11:39 am

I just purchased a Nokia 770, and added a Kingston 2 GB RS-MMC card. I can “see” the card via Win-XP, but I get a “Memory Card Corrupted” or “No Memory Card Inserted” error when trying to access the RS-MMC device with the USB disconnectd.

It appears that the MAX RS-MMC memory the Nokia 770 will recognize is 1 GB — This SUCKS big-time !

As far as I am concerned, this limits the 770 to “Stupid Toy Status” until a patch is released that allows the machine to access modern RS-MMC cards [which are soon to increase in capacity to 8 GBytes or more].

Nokia — Your software people need a kick in the head.


Patrick R. Mullen
Dir. of Engineering
Mullen Scientific Software

1686 State Route 69
Parish, NY 13131



Comment by Patrick R. Mullen 08.16.06 @ 8:17 pm

Does 770 have java support (jre 4.2) ??

Does 770 contain arabic fonts and Right-to-Left support ? .. pls help me in this question .. if u have the 770 pls try to open and tell me if the arabic letters are displayed .. or they are replaced by weird latin characters ..

Thanks in advance ..

Comment by Tarek 09.17.06 @ 9:27 pm

nokia770 is one the most wirless devices i have ever admired, i love it and it works for me
greatly,the only problem is the moemory card, if you could do more it’d be even greater.

Comment by musliue jalloh 10.27.06 @ 12:44 pm

To Patrick Mullen and others looking to use 2GB RS-MMC with the Nokia 770: “There *are* Tablet OS 2006 compatible Kernel zImage(s) available that provide support for 2GB RS-MMC and MMC-Mobile cards.”

See the wiki for instructions on upgrading the 770 system.

Cheers. Horray for Open Source! Hooray for the Nokia 770!

Comment by arnim sauerbier 11.21.06 @ 6:47 pm

I should have stopped by here before I made a purchase of a kingston 2gb card. It doesn’t work in the 770!

Comment by Tony Freeman 11.23.06 @ 7:25 am

mzandrew: The device didn’t recognize the normal size MMC card of my Nokia 6230i. I was trying to backup its data to 770 before replacing the card with the 64MB one shipped with 770. I transferred the data from phone via Bluetooth, then.

Patrick R. Mullen: The newest firmware (2.2006) has kernel support for bigger memory cards. I’ve had no trouble with my Kingston 2GB RS-MMC.

I have really liked the idea of 770. It’s an Internet Tablet, not a PDA. And for that use it’s great. There are different kinds of devices available, if you need calendar software or ability to open and edit Word documents.

Comment by Tragos 11.28.06 @ 8:23 pm

I mnow that you can use it to make VOIP calls, but this is a tablet PC, so that rules out using at a a cellphone? I’ve hacked up my Motorola SLVR L7, and pretty much reached its boundaries…
Looking for something better that works as my cell, ipod, and internet all in one.

Lovin the open source tho, maybe I’ll get one just to hack around with?

good idea, or no?

Comment by the_chad88 12.16.06 @ 12:50 am

so what is used for 770? Is this good for pda? so is it worth $140?

Comment by tech blog 07.03.07 @ 5:29 am

in answer to your question yes i think that the £80( i live in the uk) is well worth it when else are you going to geet a touch screen portable internet tablet for that price i mean go on ebay and look for one well over £100. i use mine for just general browsing and also as a movie player great for long train journeys so go ahead and buy one shame i had to wait so long to get one

by the way i typed this on my nokia 770 took me bout 2 mins using handwriting

Comment by steve 07.28.07 @ 10:25 pm

I was just wondering if the Nokia 770 with the os 2006ed version 3.2006.49-2 is able to use a 2gb rs-mmc card just right out of the box or if you must upgrade the flash?

Comment by Trudy Patterson 08.01.07 @ 1:27 am

tech blog wrote - so what is used for 770? Is this good for pda? so is it worth $140?

If you have to ask then the answer is NO!

Comment by miller105 08.14.07 @ 6:17 am

Sean, the OS is based on Debian, and I’m pretty sure it’s Open Sourced. Check out; I don’t think this device suffers from Tivoization.

Comment by Paul 08.15.07 @ 4:38 am

I purchased my Nokia 770 in March 2006 and still use it, everyday. The Nokia 770 is much more suited for my use, that I ended up selling off the Palm TX. I was a Palm OS software developer from 2000 to 2005, but developing software for Nokia 770 is much more easier. I started with Linux in 1997 and I didn’t want to have a product that has software from a commercial monopoly.

No matter what people say here, I LIKE MY NOKIA 770. It is easy to program! It is easy to write scripts! It is easy to configure and secure! I wish Linux-based devices came out long ago. It was hard to learn to program a Palm OS device!

My motto is, “I won’t buy any computing device, unless I can program it.”

Comment by Marcos Miranda 09.02.07 @ 5:01 pm

Hey people this thing is well worth the money you can put word excel powerpoint you write it types you speak it types its got FULL let me say that again FULL internet access via 802.11 G/B wireless networking….it will play videos full screen….plays music gots a built in speaker milllions of programs can be downloaded for free….this thing is basically computer that fits in your pocket! You can even upgrade the memory card and use the memory card as RAM!!!! If you do this it runs so damn fast you will shit your pants not even kidding i told it 2 use 56mb and that made it unbeilevable fast!!! If you have any questions about this thing at all emial me at This thing is the best thing ever invented!!!!!!!

Comment by Daniel 09.10.07 @ 10:34 am
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