Maemo 2 beta is out
Friday June 09th 2006, 10:16 pm Category: Nokia 770 development

Download it here

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Cool. Don’t beleive the thing about the windows flasher does not work…. It works just fine.

(Im using the windows flasher from the Nokia own 770 page)

Nice and cool… very orange!

Comment by Westy 06.09.06 @ 11:30 pm

Does it come with Macromedia Flash 7?

Comment by Aquiles 06.10.06 @ 4:07 am

A few questions:

The new firmware does support streaming radio based in WMA?

Thanks in advance

Comment by Hackintosh 06.10.06 @ 3:01 pm

Shockwave Flash.

Comment by westy 06.10.06 @ 10:45 pm

I just loaded the 2006 os. What a let down. I expected it to have a simple IP phone and instead I’m stuck with Jabber or Googletalk clients. How long will it take to port a SIP phone I wonder? Otherwise, nice update and it works well - er except for the Flash player that only sort of supports Flash - we use Flash for video conferencing and that doesn’t appear to work.

Comment by mrkrabs 06.11.06 @ 6:28 am

Your right, it is a let down. the new stuff - the sip phone being locked…. and best bit is most people won’t be able to get a gmail account unless they are recommended so will not be able to use any of the new features. I’d be quite annoyed if I have bought this only to find that the IM and SIP is locked. I hope the full release will adress this.

Comment by Westy 06.11.06 @ 9:57 pm

[…] Maemo 2 beta is out […]

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um, who doesn’t have a gmail account yet? since everyone that has a gmail account has about 100 invites, you pretty realy have to NOT want one to not have one.

Comment by Chris 06.13.06 @ 4:44 am

How does a gmail account help anyone with an office VoIP PBX? This was a major selling point for me.

Comment by mrkrabs 06.13.06 @ 6:01 am

GizmoProject is working on a SIP solution and will have it ported soon…


Comment by Omega 06.13.06 @ 9:33 am

Let me point out a VERY important part of this release people: BETA FOR DEVELOPERS… What they are saying, it is not ready for the end user yet! Even though it seems useable, that does not mean all the features are included!

Comment by Josh 06.13.06 @ 10:56 pm

The final version is supposed to come with a 770 version of Gizmo Project’s software SIP phone.

Comment by Sean 06.14.06 @ 1:05 am

I too flashed with the windows flasher, no hassle. I played with the color themes and went to blue…I tad too “candy” for me in the interface, but in my opinion, OS seems more responsive and the sound confirmation for new things (USB plugging in etc) were more noticable. looking forward to more 2.x enabled apps, but hey, BETA! It’s all good. Happy so far.

Comment by Lori Easterly 06.17.06 @ 10:21 pm

Oh yah - being aable to re-arrange the apps on the “desktop” is MAJOR feature that hasn’t been mentioned? Editable menu’s also. This is what I was really hoping for in the update, and the beta delivered.

Comment by Lori Easterly 06.17.06 @ 10:23 pm

I can’t find the windows flasher anywhere to give it a go, it doesn’t appear to be on Nokias own site at the moment. Anyone else know another link to it? I can’t find it on the Maemo website either.

Comment by Peter Chapman 07.03.06 @ 12:20 am

I bought recently this nokia 770 and i was wandering if there a posibility i could use the windows or yahoo meseenger the deviece said there is no application for the program so i need to know if there is please contact me

Comment by Vick 08.29.07 @ 4:06 am
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