Nokia 770 reviewed by Wall Street Journal
Friday July 21st 2006, 6:47 am Category: Nokia 770 reviews

Venerable Walt Mossberg, known for his ability to make or break companies and their products, reviews Nokia 770 this week:

I have been testing the 770, and I found that it performs its main function, Web browsing, better than any other pocket device I’ve tried. But it falls down badly on many other tasks, partly because of kludgy software and partly because it is agonizingly slow at almost everything other than surfing the Web.

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An inaccurate article. I bought my 770 at CompUSA, not onlinee. Nokia nowhere suggests this is a pocket computer. This is why it lacks the s/w you would expect in such a device.

The email app is much improved - it is now useable and in no way agonisingly slow.

The user has control over where in the menu apps appear so nothing needs to remain buried. Connections to my cellphone are painless, though it’s true I have a Nokia phone-others may be more difficult.

The rss reader works well for my needs but other apps exist also. Fbreader fit the device well making the 770 a good ebook reader.

With virtual memory, the device is more stable than before. All in all, I remain happy with my 770 and less happy with commentators who do poor research. The user interface is confusing???

Comment by KjM 07.23.06 @ 1:45 pm

I agree about the slowness. I have a 200 MHz Pentium Pro from 1996 that runs circles around the 770. Is it the heavy reliance on GTK in the UI? Is it that flash memory is just an inherently slow medium? The 770 seems OK at rendering JPEGs and movies. Are there really more CPU cycles involved in managing my email inbox than in decoding and rendering video? I would imagine not….

Comment by Randall 07.26.06 @ 12:02 am

Just got my nokia 770 and the users manual is not written in english,actually i am trying to fiddle with it and atleast i am gaining intrest in it but i need the english user manual and its a very fasinating web browser.

Comment by steve john 12.05.06 @ 5:34 pm
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