Mamo Mapper for Nokia 770 released
Sunday May 28th 2006, 3:17 am Category: Nokia 770 news, Nokia 770 development

Maemo Mapper for Nokia 770 is released. From the author’s site:

After a brief foray into the world of GPSDrive, I decided that it was far too useful for my needs. That is to say that it included much functionality for which I had no use or desire, and the result was a quite large program that ran quite slowly on the Nokia 770. Yeah, okay, some people want kismet integration, but I don’t, and since I don’t think kismet yet works on the Nokia 770, it’d be nice not to have to carry that overhead in memory all the time.

At first, I thought I could modify GPSDrive to suit my needs - cutting out things that I felt were unnecessary. When it came down to it, though, that was almost everything, and my specific map requirements (which were largely incompatible with GPSDrive) led me to decide to start from scratch.

The result is Maemo Mapper.

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Anyone have screenshots of the Maemo Mapper in action?

Comment by Marc 05.31.06 @ 2:51 am

Love the idea. Clean and easy. Will not work with my trusty socket gps which has never failed to work with any other software or device. So I am a bit suprised. Any idea, maybe the sentence support as it finds it fine but the signal strength sticks at zero like you mention in your text.

Comment by westy 06.04.06 @ 3:01 pm

OK, I can get my gps to connect but the only way to do this seems to be o have the gps registering enough satelites then open and close mapper until on of the starts it sees the gps data. Not ace but at least I get to see my coords on the app. Then with my wifi already coonected I try to get the maps and the app closes/crashes?. I’m rnning the April 770 firmware with nothing else running at same time. Does mapper generate log files you’d me to send you?

Comment by westy 06.04.06 @ 3:53 pm


Would you mind posting a photo or screenshot of the Maemo Mapper?



Comment by Marc 06.06.06 @ 10:08 pm

I can but all you’ll see is a black screen with a dot in the middle, blue dot if GPS data transfered. As I can not get maps - it crashes when I try to - I am currently stuck with the black screen. The GPS support seems flakey too. It only, possibly 1 in 10, picks up the position from the GPS head even though the BT connection is always instantly there. I have no problems using “GPS Drive” but am keen on this for the reasons the author points out. GPS Drive is a bit too complex. My 770 is at home just now so will attempt a screen shot asap.

Comment by westy 06.07.06 @ 5:45 pm

Westy, I read somewhere that if GPS was used previously with GPS Drive, the transmission protocol was set to something not supported by Maemo Mapper. There was a fix.

Anyway, the initial Mapper view is centered to 0 lat, 0 long. So, first you have to zoom out using the “minus” key. Also, set the map directory to point to your MMC-card for convenience.

This application rocks ;)

Comment by Anza 06.08.06 @ 2:53 pm

Interesting - I read somewhere that if GPS was used previously with GPS Drive, the transmission protocol was set to something not supported by Maemo Mapper. There was a fix. -

Whats the fix?

Comment by westy 06.08.06 @ 4:00 pm

Great stuff. Choosing either satelite or maps is great using the url’s on internettablettalk. I changed BT GPS to a borrowed RoyalTek mini.
It all works a treat and downloading routes is very easy and quick.
I have the 770 supporting two BT connections. On to the BT GPS and one to an N80 so I can see where I am and mapper can download maps as its needs it.
Useful GPS on the 770 - Great!

Comment by Westy 06.13.06 @ 11:55 pm

Used in anger today. I think its ace but a couple of suggestions

When you download a route could it be auto saved as “last used route” so that forgetting to save it and closing the app or it crashing you can call last used route easily rather than use up more GSM time?

I loose GPS connection every 20 mins approx. I guess this is the issues that you have noted on BT. I will give myself root provelidges and see if I can change that.

Would you consider allowing the user to change the route colour. Google maps use a lot of green for A roads in the UK and its very difficult to see the route.

Psoosibly the route be dashed as an option to make it stand out more.

Could you make a semi transparent option as it masks road numbers.

Thanks for it as is though. really works well and best bit is the maps are up to date unlike my normal GPS on Pocket PC.

Comment by Westy 06.15.06 @ 12:02 am

I can’t get mapper to work at all. It doesnt find the gps device (new, shiny and 32 sat capable) I just keep on looking at a black screen. Even putting the MAC at 12×0 and the uri which the mapper apparently finds for another post had no result for me. Any ideas? By the way I am in Germany

Comment by michael hughes 06.26.06 @ 7:46 pm

hey guys, i was wondering how i can use the 770 as a hand held gps. what all do i need to get to turn it into a hand held gps?

Comment by Juice 07.08.06 @ 6:43 pm
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