Negative review from Washington Post
Tuesday April 18th 2006, 7:22 am Category: Nokia 770 reviews

Washington Post today has an article completely dedicated to Nokia 770:

But while this $360 gadget might fit in great on “Star Trek,” in the real world it competes with a galaxy of other handheld devices - most of which do more than the Nokia 770, and do it far more reliably and gracefully. The Nokia 770’s aptitude at providing a pocket-size window on the Web can’t overcome its ineptitude at almost everything else.

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Stupid article.
1. You can install differsnt e-mail client
2. You can install AbiWord
3. My home an work wireless network work fine. I test it and my Centrino notebook. The signal strange is equal. I have no problem with work in WAP and WEP security
4. My Nokia 770 have no problem with bluetooth and GPRS connectivity
5. I do not use media in Windows Media and QuickTime formats. Only media in mp3 format

Comment by Firebird 04.18.06 @ 5:25 pm

I bought one and it is not yet on the storage shelf. I think it has tremendous potential. I guess many people are having problems with the OS being Debian Linux. While there are some issues like the media player, memory storage format, no ethernet adapter or USB connector, I love using it. I can’t wait for the upgrade.

Comment by Manny 04.18.06 @ 11:45 pm

These reviewers need to do some research. All the software available from Maemo and the stuff in the making bring the 770’s features equal and better than other handhelds - also i’ve had no connectivity problems and infact my nokia lets me connect on the street outside places with wireless hotspots and on buses passing by! It has a lot lot lot more connectivity than my computer.

Comment by Jonah 04.19.06 @ 2:22 am

I wouldn’t worry too much about these negative reviews - they seem to be coming from journalists who expect to open the PDA and get Outlook, Word, Internet Explorer, etc.

Comment by Jim Methley 04.20.06 @ 7:00 pm

“b) how hard it can be to configure that Bluetooth link even when the carrier condescends to allow it.”

Just an example of the load of bs the article is full of. Yet another review comparing it to producst in OTHER PRODUCT CATEGORIES.. jeesh.. me mad now.. ;)

Comment by Viipottaja 04.21.06 @ 2:03 am

I absolutely LOVE my Nokia 770!!! Major kudos to the Nokia Company for developing this product, and for marketing it in the U.S. If you need access to the internet to be more MOBILE - this device is by far the best I’ve seen, currently available.

Comment by Excited Nokia 770 User 05.06.06 @ 6:39 am

Well, I can agree that this article is rather “stupid” (it has a lot of mistakes), but I really think that the place of Nokia 770 is on the shelve (I wasn’t satisfied using it).

Comment by Vasil 05.06.06 @ 10:29 pm

To each his own.

Each device is intended for a specific purpose; there is no such device as a replacement-for-all, and in the case of the 770, it is for quick internet browsing and to be able to check email without a full-blown computer.

If you want everything in it, then carry all your gizmos with you!

And if you think it is not well designed, then go design and manufacture one yourself.

Comment by randall 05.08.06 @ 2:17 pm

And this review from a publication that uses words like “ineptitude”. Well, quite.

Comment by Scooter 05.14.06 @ 5:26 am

in england i bought one . delighted until i got my phone bill which was more than the gadget cost for just a few days use .i am trying to sell it now

Comment by marooth 09.07.06 @ 11:02 pm

To Marooth:
Interested in the gadget
Wanna sell?

Comment by Tigerhand 11.13.06 @ 4:30 am
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