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Saturday December 17th 2005, 6:31 am Category: Nokia 770 reviews

Some initial issues:

The comment on Nokia770.com mentioned trouble with Google Maps, so I checked that out too. It seemed to work ok, but I wasn’t able to drag the map around with the stylus. After tapping on the map, it did react to the rocker button, but this was terribly slow.

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As I mentioned, it seems to show the main Google Maps screen fine. The device has problems when you begin to explore actual addresses, etc., or drag as you mention. Google Maps uses AJAX to upload surrounding map detail beyond the map image that the user is provided. This buffered image region comes into play when you drag, etc., making user interaction quicker. As you drag, or zoom in/out, AJAX continues to buffer the surrounding map detail. I believe the lack of AJAX in the current version of Opera Mobile is the issue. Opera provides an Opera Platform for developing future AJAX enabled mobile apps, but AJAX is not currently integrated into the Opera Mobile browser that ships with the Nokia 770.

Comment by Jason Pester 12.17.05 @ 7:25 am

Man I need one of these badly.

Comment by Nintendofreak 12.28.05 @ 2:53 am

I just picked one up today at CompUSA in Norwalk CT. Its a really cool device. I am also a zaurus owner, and this is a nice step up in many ways. Crisp high rez screen, and a real web browser that does all the javascript etc, even on some rather complex sites, some of which I developed and know just how complex they are, and much better battery life.

I have to say the stand they provide you is kind of flimsy and dissapointing. To charge it in the cradle you have to have the cable bent againt your desk.

I wanna do a more indepth review later, and also I kind of want to get a flip open bluetooth keyboard with it and see if I can get perl working on it. With that it would make a nice on the fly web development box I can tuck in my backback.

Comment by Joseph Annino 12.28.05 @ 11:30 am

I too also picked one up at the Norwalk CompUSA. I just hope that it will some day be able to play 640×480 video as that is my only gripe as of now. Surely the DSP processor can’t be being utilized with the current videoplayer or this is a sad state of affairs.

Comment by Joe Somebody 12.29.05 @ 10:00 am
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