Nokia 770 :: TuxTops review
TuxTops review
Tuesday January 17th 2006, 5:16 am Category: Nokia 770 reviews

Quite detailed review from TuxTops with an extensive wishlist of features that are currently missing:

Grainy touchscreen! While the LCD underneath is indeed beautiful, the touchscreen layer above it, is extremely grainy. Very visible mostly when the background is white. It irks me.
No ability to install applications on the MMC card. Just by installing a few third party apps the other night, I was over 50% of the 64 MB of allowance and it resulted in a very limiting experience. No, adding more flash memory to the Nokia internally won’t do it for me because it will always be a finite number of bytes to deal with. I would need the ability the install apps on the flash card, as I can with the Zaurus and PocketPCs.

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In reply to the screen grainyness, my (admittedly small) experience with tablet PCs has taught me that grainy touch screens make better writing surfaces. On smooth ones, the pen is much more likely to slip, making writing difficult.

Comment by Erika 01.17.06 @ 5:31 am

all tablet screens are this way. look at any full size tablet

Comment by dcs 01.17.06 @ 12:25 pm

Learn python and install python for maemo
you can then run scripts from MMC card
Youve missed the point of this mini computer
With (python or mono), sqlite database and a 1 meg MMC card
I can run my business and backup to my office computer via wifi on my return, and not lug a laptop around
This unit is not a gadget it is a tool learn how to use it

Comment by mike wheeler 01.19.06 @ 4:01 pm

you certainly can install stuff to a flash card, and can even move the home dir there:

Comment by Chris 01.26.06 @ 7:19 am

Not having enough room is a valid comment. Not being able to run programs off MMC though….

It’s linux! Mount the card wherever you want, create symlinks, etc etc etc…..

Or setup your path so that it’ll look on the MMC card when you run a command.

Comment by Da6d 02.01.06 @ 11:56 pm
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