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Review of Samsung Galaxy Note

The all new Samsung Galaxy Note, with its amazing features and stunning looks is grabbing the market of Smartphones and tablets in an exponential rate. The combination of the features of tablets and Smartphones together in such a magnificent and precise manner has made the product unique and the best of its own class.

The amazing slim look with a glossy bright 5.3 inch display panel makes the product appealing. The size of the product is somewhere in between a Smartphone and a tablet. This excellent HD Super AMOLED display makes your viewing experience even more real and exciting. The display panel with an outstanding 1280×800 resolution enhances the detailing of every view. The excellent 5.3 inch touch screen of the device provides an excellent touch experience. The advanced pen input system gives the user an ease of use and a classic touch of simple pen and paper documentation system. This S Pen feature makes writing and drawing even easy and flexible for the user end and removes the limitations of simple touch panel input system.

This device is provided with an 8 megapixel rear camera and a 2 megapixel front camera. The rear camera captures every photo with great detail. The LED flash enables the smart phone to get high quality photos and shoots. This smart phone is provided with a lightening network speed of HSPA+ up to 21 Mbps, which makes your internet experience even amazing. Its 1.4 GHz dual core processor makes the Samsung Galaxy Note real fast. It takes your gaming experience into a new level.

This unique smart phone provides the user a chance to instantly capture and annotate any screen; moreover these captured screens can be cropped at will.  Excellent features like S Memo , S Planner makes the product equally appealing to the corporate users. The S Planner is an amazing professional planner that helps the users to plan their schedule at ease. On the other hand the S Memo gives a short and effective way to record down instant thoughts and ideas of the users, providing professionals a great and effective way to capture their ideas.

In terms of value for money, there is no denying that the Galaxy note is one of the more expensive models available, however it does offer a lot of featrues for the price. For the best offers on the Galaxy Note you can try looking for Galaxy Note contract deals on where they also have a good review of this phone along with a price comparison tool.

The smart phone provides its users a precise way to personalize their photos and videos. This smart experience makes the photos and videos even more memorable and lively, making the gadget a part of your life. Matching the high energy requirements of this smart phone, it is provided with a robust 2500mAh battery which is capable of standing a talk time of around 13 hours. The long battery backup makes you feel free while using this device, without any worry about the charging conditions.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is developed on android platform, making it really smart to use. The instant messaging service, social networking facilities, e-mailing facilities makes the product even attractive and effective. It is provided with an inbuilt HTML browser with advanced facilities, which makes your browsing experience smooth and fast. This phone provides a wide range of 3G and 2G connectivity. This device supports high speed data transfer via WI-Fi, USB (Universal Serial Bus), and Bluetooth.

Considering all its features, this device cannot be considered to be phone only. This device gives you the feel of both smart phone and tablet in an optimized fashion. This amazing blend of technology makes it a unique product of its own class, which in spite of its prices offers good value for money.


Slim and good looking android tablet with rubbery back

Google Nexus 7 is the first android tablet released by Google. It is a 7 inch tablet which is available in 8 gig as well as in 16 gig models. Google Nexus 7 brings us the sharp 7 inch IPS display with the resolution of 1280X800. The CPU is a fast quad core 1.2GHz Tegra 3 that has GeForce graphics. The tablet has curved sides and has clean design with rubbery back. Google Nexus 7 tablet may not compete with Amazon Kindle Fire and Nook tablet as they are e Reader focused and are available at normal budget. Though Nexus 7 does not have all the services provided by the Amazon, it certainly is the tablet that needs no hacking in order to have access for Google Play Store. This device also has total accessibility to the Google android applications. Instead of the usual android web browser, HTML5 browser has replaced the Chrome web browser.

The latest operating system obtained by the Nexus is Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean. The updates for the operating system are obtained very fast and easily as there is no obstruction between the device and Google. While in the case of manufacturer branded products and carrier controlled tablets, smart phones have a barrier between them unlike the android OS bearing Nexus 7 tablet. The single rear speaker gives out good sound that sounds great through head phones and Bluetooth speakers.

Google Nexus 7 is provided with single band Wi-Fi, a GPS, no Gorilla glass, no haptic feedback, Bluetooth and no rear camera,. The micro USB port here does not work with MHL adapters and there is no HDMI port available here. If there is any need for USB host for any high volume storage devices such as USB hard drives and flash drives, the Nexus 7 has to be rooted and a mass storage instrument has to be installed.

Google Nexus 7 has three on-screen buttons meant for Home, applications and multitasking instead of mechanical or capacitive buttons. The tablet has a power button and a volume control on the right side top corner. The headphone jack and micro USB port are at the bottom. The camera meant for video chat is placed at the center of the display above the screen. The application drawer and home screen in Google Nexus 7 functions in the portrait orientation only unlike in the case of other android tablets. The automatic rotation is handled in this device by the accelerometer and an ambient light sensor is also harbored by the tablet. The resolution of the display results in high pixel density and razor sharp text.

The videos in Nexus 7 look great and pleasing. The black levels are good and with realistic color saturation. The HD video is handled easily by the fast CPU-GPU combo. The tablet has single band Wi-Fi and a GPS with digital compass. If the Wi-Fi is turned off, GPS works well. This device has NFC and wallet application to enable the user to make payments. The battery can give power for 9.5 hours after charging.

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A small hand held computer that incorporates the best features of many devices is Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

Nokia 770 internet tablet is a handy computer which helps the technical person or professional to access the internet through this device without carrying an extra bag. The internet accessibility is so easy and comfortable that the experience gained by the user through this tablet is better than that offered by the PDA or smart phone. This instrument acts as a complimentary to the Linux users as the operating system used here is internet tablet 2005 software edition, which has the basis from Debian Linux. The accessories provided along with it are protective cover that is sliding, 64MB MMC adapter, carrying pouch, cool plastic stand, USB cable and guides for user and charger.

The Nokia 770 internet tablet has the display of 16-bit color type and has the touch screen resolution of 800X480. The CPU description of the device is 250MHz TI 1710 OMAP with 128MB internal flash memory. The connectivity is described here as 802.11b/g with the help of blue tooth, USB, AC power adapter, audio out and memory card expansion. The size of the tablet is 5.5inchesX3.1inchesX0.7inches. The standby for the battery is about 7 hours and it has 3 hours of browsing time. The battery power is 1500mAh Li-ion battery. The audio file formats supported in the Nokia 770 internet tablet are AAC, MP3, AMR, MPEG4, WAV and MP2. The video file formats supported here are AVI, MPEG1, Real Video, MPEG4, H.263, and 3GP. The image file formats that are compatible here are gif, jpeg, png, Ico, bmp, tiff and SVG-tiny.

The Nokia 770 internet tablet is known to have a built-in Wi-Fi connectivity through any mobile phone by enabling blue tooth. The device software includes an opera web browser, which is provided with an email-client, audio and video applications and internet radio streaming related applications. Web browsing appears to be fast, smooth and stable rather than windows based mobile enabling internet browsing via internet explorer on this device. The range of wireless internet offered in this device using integrated Wi-Fi in all the tested modes are found to be better than in any laptop. The internet connectivity in this device is experienced by the user as un interruptive with no problems.

Among the PDA-sized devices till now, Nokia 770 internet tablet provides best web browsing performance. The input options available in Nokia 770 are almost similar to any other PDA type device. The operating buttons on this tablet are found to be more in number compared to that observed in palm device or pocket PC. The passive screens found in pocket PC, Palm, and Tablet PC resembles the touch screen and stylus seen in Nokia 770. A shortcoming in this device is its handwriting recognition being weak. Apart from having some of the applications mentioned above in Nokia 770, it has file manager, calculator, connection manager, clock, games, sketch, and for creating notes.

The available ports in this device are headphone jack, USB port, AC in, multimedia card slot. The Nokia 770 internet tablet is a very good option for the customer using on the go internet connectivity.

Arrived to Enthrall your Experience in Android Tablets is Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 this August 2012

Samsung is the world of extremities and delivering the great response for people. Not to mention the leader of smartphone section with Samsung Galaxy S III, it is already winning in the market in terms of brand and international reach. Tablets have been the product that has managed to transform the entire comrade of smartphones. Traditional mobiles were first replaced by the high end QWERTY mobiles. Then moving ahead, they were replaced by Smartphones, moving to the next level Tablet arrives. Precisely, there have many setups for the specific needs of people. They say that necessity is the reason for calibrated inventions. Same goes for the next generation of Android Tablets by Samsung with the release of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1).

The numbers in the end of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1) may confuse you but it actually represents two things. First is the Tab 2 that is related to the version of the Tab series. Next is (10.1) which symbolizes the wide inches of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1). It is the total multimedia Tablet with Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich. This is not just the Android Tablet made for a special genre of people but it is made for the entire family. Whether you are completing an important project for your office meeting or reading stories to your children, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1) does it all in style and sync. Opening a world which was never seen before, it has many things to capture your interest in just seconds. Samsung Hubs and S Suggest have made it possible to open the next level. From music to movies, from games to reader’s materials, everything is available for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1).

Video Review:

The next special distinction with AllShare Play that makes Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1) DLNA compatible that connects your tablet to multiple devices. Cloud media storage makes it great to pay it anywhere. Accommodation for your files and stuff is not a problem anymore. Removing the requirement for additional memory slots, you can just use the cloud space for your data. Android 4.0.3 has been seen in many devices and Android Tablets in market but Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1) brings it in a different intuitively mannered user interface. This has made the processing of preloaded apps and functionality of apps faster. Google Maps are just a tip away along with instant playing of YouTube videos. This is not even dependent on the internet speed overall.

Another unique distinction in Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1) is the video conferencing. Plethora of services and adaptations are possible with these. Group video calls and live video chats with ChatON mark the brilliance again. Available worldwide with pre-ordered facility from August 22, 2012, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1) contains animated add-ons as well. Strong dual core processor of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1) makes it seamless and instant working atmosphere. Multitasking becomes simple with the support of the strong processor. In the end, the lightweight and comfortable consortium makes it easy to get and use in the future world of Android Tablets

Presenting the Iconic Presence in the World of Android Tablet with Acer Iconia Tab A510

There is always something special about every single thing. When you talk about the Tablet world, you have fewer possibilities in that section. Well of course there are things to get counted in terms of design aesthetics, like for Sony Tablet S and P, along with specifications difference but there are not much things to actually get counted overall. As said earlier, there is something special about every thing and hence this product here in concern gets the same notion in a very regular way. Acer Iconia Tab A510 has been around for quite a long time but still Acer did not presented it as an actual successor of the previous launch A500. There must be a specific reason for this move and surely Acer had a big strategy behind it. Soon after the CES show on May 2012, it was declared by Acer that the infamous Acer Iconia Tab A510 is actually the first NVIDIA Tegra 3 powered Android Tablet. Getting it pre-ordered inUSAandCanadaat a price of $450 is not a hefty price at all.

With an improvised 32GB storage memory, Acer Iconia Tab A510 has arrived in full form. This was a regular Tab which was underestimated for a long time and suddenly it has reached the market with a brand opening. This was actually the marketing strategy that Acer had in mind concerning Acer Iconia Tab A510. Making it iconic in many ways, Acer Iconia Tab A510 is quad core powered with 1GB RAM and 10.1 inches wide screen. There is not a single debarment related to Acer Iconia Tab A510 which can hold it down. Talking about the capturing power, Acer Iconia Tab A510 is installed with dual camera support. Grandeur of a 5MP rear camera and 1MP front facing camera, it has maintained the quality aesthetic in all ways. The resolution of 1280 x 800 is the best part about the display again. There are more special things related to it which not only makes it different but truly an icon. Whooping 12 hours long playback support of videos makes it one of the best powered Android Tablets in the world. It has crossed Apple, Samsung, and even Asus in this category. The competition beating features does not stop here. Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich is going to be present for Acer Iconia Tab A510.

Coming to some of the drawbacks that people have instantly noticed are the designs and hardware features. It has been very similar to the simple previous versions like A500. Acer Iconia Tab A510 also feels rigid and formidable. Due to the latest Olympics being close and the sponsorship in the event, Acer Iconia Tab A510 is available with the Olympics Logo which according to the people was not needed. In fact it gives a very wannabe feeling to many users. Being 681 grams in weight, it is a little heavy than the usual Tablets in the market. Overall, Acer Iconia Tab A510 gets a rating of 9 out of 10 with Tegra 3 and amazing Android compatibility on the go.

Exciting your Senses Toshiba AT200 is Available in US Market by the name Excite X10

When people said that Toshiba AT200 is not going to be available in the hefty avatar then many thought that it is the end of the Android Tablet. Surprising everyone at its levels best, Toshiba AT200 is now available inUSmarket with a brand new name Excite X10. The name has changed but the overall Tablet has induced many great features to support the amazing technicality distinction of Toshiba. This brand has maintained a frame of being the specification guru. Nonetheless, the brand is also a name to be known worldwide by tech gurus. There are many special things about Excite X10 that makes it internationally eligible for acclamation. All these special features combine to give it a user rating of 8.9 out of 10.

Talking about the hardware specifications first, it is easy to hold with a wide 10.1 inches fully touch screen. You won’t believe that this is the actual thickness of an Android Tablet. With a crisp 7.7mm thickness, it is hard to find a comparatively thinner tab than that. Powered by Android 3.2 which is famously known as Honeycomb, it is surely the greatest device containing the older version of Android. Ice CreamSandwichor Android 4.0.3 has replaced the Honeycomb but talking about Toshiba AT200, it is completely suitable for Android Honeycomb. Other important fixtures include split keyboard and as Swype. This is one of the best thought process made product that has gained an aesthetic importance.

People have rated it 8.9 on an average and the points have been mainly lost in the processor section. The extra loads and a bit slow working in terms of processing give it a wrong turn. However, Google Play brings the plethora of Apps to save it from the wrath. This is a middle range Android Tablet that has mainly focused on the people looking out for a lower price tablet. The built is comparatively flawed and kept at a stunning proportionate regarding the price. Talking about the connectivity, separate Wi-Fi switch gives you an idea of a new genre. This is combined with HDMI port for HD viewing and micro USB for best transfers. For storage section, the Excite X10 is available in 16GB and 32GB versions. Taking about multimedia section, the sound department is distributed well by the two way augmented speakers. The quality is not muffed up as compared to other tablets in the market. High resolution of 1280 x 800 gives a better platform to people to soothe their eyes with amazing viewing.

Camera section always disappoint when talked about Android Tablets. This is due to the simple reason of being left alone. People generally thought that camera is not an important part of tablets and Toshiba AT200 stands out different in this case. At the time when other manufactures were focusing on hardware and big build-ups, Excite X10 was delivering the notion of amazing quality camera. This was thought well with a dual camera support. With a crisp and sharp 5MP rear camera and a whooping 2MP camera in front, it completes the domicile of camera driven Android Tablets.

Sony World Enthralls the Tablet Section with Android 4.0.3 Powered Sony Tablet S

Sony World is the place where technology meets performance with a brand surfacing the electronics market with domination. Sony is the brand which not only encapsulates the trust of the customers but has also managed to maintain its own dignified class among the competitors in market. There are many arenas where Sony wins the market. Cameras and Displays are common examples. Along with that, mobile, computers, notebooks, and now tablets have managed to hold the interest of the crowd. Introducing Sony Tablet S which not only arrives with Android 4.0.3 but also manages to distinctively define its presence in the market filled with Android Tablets.

Sony Tablet S is a combination of unique styling and high end profiling. Maintaining a frame of amazing performance, Sony Tablet S is ergonomically designed to capture with its looks. One-sided 4 degree angled rest flat base makes it unique and this wedge shaped is combined with ultra light device. Talking about display, the TruBlack screen from Sony engages you in the amazing anti-reflection panel viewing. Many users have been facing a common problem in the tablet range. This is noted by Sony Tablet S and has successfully removed the problem of irresponsive touch screen problem. The smooth and swift finish and matte of Sony Tablet S has made it possible for people to love it more than any other tablet in the market. It is not wrong to say that Sony Tablet S is a multimedia controller in all sense. This literally defines the target criteria of universal remote sensing.

Having the shifting mechanics for neutralizing the center of gravity, Sony Tablet S has made it completely different for people. Connectivity and storing are the next arenas where Sony Tablet S would again win the race. HDMI ports make it easy to connect to HD devices and then enjoy it king size. Storing your files with SD slots is very convenient and fulfills your needs in best ways. Smooth animation will make you feel great using this Tablet and you would never want to stop slipping your fingers on the touch screen of Sony Tablet S. With amazing apps like Music Unlimited, you have options to download thousands of new releases and enjoy it on your Sony Tablet S and the same goes with Videos Unlimited.

Remember the days when you were young and you asked your father for a PlayStation on your birthday? That’s a common thing for many today and Sony Tablet S will again rejuvenate your memories and take you back to childhood. PS certified games are easily played on your Sony Tablet S. Reading the best sellers on this as an e-reader is again fun on the block. Keeping in touch with friends and family on social networking websites is as simple as touching buttons of your remote. Built-in apps like Foursqaure, Crackle, Frame Grabber, and many more are present to get the amazing experience right in front of you. Moreover, “Google Play” is present to give you thousands of more apps. Dual camera support makes it easy to capture both sides. Finally, with 1GHz dual core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor the whole package is complete.

Enjoy the online world at its best with ARCHOS 10.1 Internet Connected Android Tablet

Technology world has always something special to deliver. Inclusion and adaptations have diversified their medium in a big way to present a plethora of convenient options. Internet arrived as a world with opportunities for other to connect cohesively with the system and diversify the arena in best mannerism. Tablet world is one of those which have intrinsic effects connected to it. Providing the best patent for slimmest tablets, ANCHOS 10.1 is the brad new arrival on the block. Internet Tablet is a term which is related to the concept of 24X7 internet access. This is the best form of Android Tablets and hence offers a great support in form of performance and style. Android is still the leader in market in terms of convenience and being a dedicated product of the OS world.

ARCHOS 10.1 is simply based on high quality performance and style. Starting from the design built factor, it is placed inside a plastic casing with high strength stainless steel body. Connecting all the latest apps to this amazing platform of ARCHOS 10.1, it has a seductive design to say the least. To provide a better comfort and easy viewing, adjustable leg stand is present which makes the ARCHOS 10.1 feel like a photo frame application. With a resolution quality of 1024 X 600 pixels, you don’t have to worry about the depth of your viewing. Comparing it to Apple’s iPad, ARCHOS 10.1 is only 480 grams in weight whereas iPad is 680 grams. Along with that, with only 12mm thickness it again beats Apple iPad which has 13.3mm thickness.

Tethering is the term used for internet usage through your phone’s data card plan. ARCHOS 10.1 uses the basic connection from your phone’s 3.5G connection to internet making it a perfect internet tablet. Want a bigger and better display? Connect your Android Tablet to your television and enjoy the amazing zoomed visualization on your TV set. Gaming is just another amazing experience with bigger and better display. Coming forward with a new form of connectivity, UPnp and Samba features makes it possible for you to play movies, pictures, music, and other stored files on your computer system directly on ARCHOS 10.1. Acting as a cloud player, you do not need to store your ARCHOS 10.1 with dumps of files and then thinking of deleting it. Now you can store your plethora of files on your external hard disk and directly play them on ARCHOS 10.1. Moreover, connecting it to your TV will even make it better and bigger. Fun is definitely a part of your façade.

Accessories connection is another form of flexible working freedom with ARCHOS 10.1 as it gets connected with all the multimedia devices with ease. It is a complete workstation that fits your needs and with the power of internet, this tablet becomes a complete system. Applications are a very important part in Android tablets. This is the main reason of the success of Android. ARCHOS 10.1 contains AppsLib that completely fits in the requirements of social networking, e-reader, gaming console, office documenter, and many more. The multiple-functionality makes it far better than the usual tablets and gives you the perfect product.

A Review About HTC One X

HTC One X mobile phone is designed with excellent processor and features a high definition screen to view. HTC has fascinated the mobile users for a mean time, as it runs with the quad core CPU which is the biggest screen used on HTC.  Let’s take a quick review about this exclusive mobile phone:

First comes the design! The design remains sleek and trim where you can have it comfortably. The unibody craftsmanship and the suave lines designed in the body is considered as the primary feature of this device. One thing to share first of all is that, if you are not looking for a mobile phone that is huge in size then One X will not be your choice. The reason is, One X looks quite large in size and you have to hold it wide in your hands. The 4.7 inch large screen is a brilliant feature which you can enjoy on buying One X. The 720 pixel high definition display is piled with the chassis and comes with 8.9mm thickness. Moreover, this mobile phone uses Super IPS LCD 2 Technology that brings the gaming world close to your hands.

Screen sharpness remains less, however the color reproduction and life remains good in One X. The mobile weighs very less about 130 grams however it is huge when compared to the other Smartphone models such as Galaxy S2 from Samsung. Like the Galaxy Nexus from Samsung, HTC One X also grants some physical keys in the front portion of the mobile. In the right side of the mobile, you can find the volume rocker switch and the top portion includes a power button. The left side of the mobile has a microUSB that doubles a HD link to connect with the television. The design is not very expansive but it gives an elegant look overall.

The back portion of the mobile has microSIM slot where the effects are produced effectively well. You cannot find the microSD support explicitly as it is piled up along with the battery within its design. The back end of the phone has the 8 mega pixel camera and the chassi is slightly curved which doesn’t influences the mobile while kept over the desk or table. The ON/OFF button is placed on the top of the mobile phone and they are little tough to manage with your hands. This light weight mobile phone will captivate the attention of both men and women however people who desire to have small and handy phones will clamber a little to manage it.

Some of the basic key features of HTC One X will include the following:

  •   4.7in and 720 X 1280 PIXEL display
  •   8 Megapixel camera
  •   32GB storage memory
  •   Quad Core 1.5GHz Central Processing Unit – Tegra 3
  •   Free Dropbox storage of 25GB

HTC One X comes with different colors such as brown gray, silver and many more. The cost of this android Smartphone will range about Rs. 36,000 and it is definitely a wise choice to get.

HTC Rezound

HTC Rezound is the newly introduced android mobile device with many promising features and applications. It is designed with 1.5GHz dual core Snapdragon processor in addition with Verizon LTE 4G connectivity! Its time to discuss about the design and features of HTC Rezound:

First let’s discuss about its design. The android Smartphone is designed with 4.3 inch panel design and the LCD screen results with 1280 X 720 resolutions. The size of this mobile phone remains little huge and sometimes it doesn’t matches your pocket easily. The spacious screen display helps you to watch movies better than the small drape. Also you can play games with the roomy display. It measures around 6 ounces and hence remains little huge to carry. This mass weight gives a firm and solid look to the mobile phone.

Quite like other HTC mobile phones, the HTC Rezound looks clean and definite it is design. In the front portion of the mobile phone, you can find the four navigational android buttons such as home, menu, search and back. Also you can find the front facing 2mp camera and at the back the 8 mega pixel camera is set along with a dual flash LED lighting. The mobile set is encircled with a soft rubber like surface which gives a soothing and comfortable feel when carrying in hand. Besides these, you can also find the power button flush and volume rocker that makes the mobile phone sleek look. However the buttons are quite tough and hard to operate and press.

Now its time to discuss about the performance of this android Smartphone! The Snapdragon processor helps to keep the phone alert and swift, where you can view any kind of graphical images without any hassle. Also it gives you a sensational experience while playing the graphical games like Dead Space and Grand Theft Auto 3. The life of the HTC Rezound battery is not that great however it remains optimal. For instance, even after playing 3 hrs of games and surfing the net and downloading the mobile apps through LTE, the Rezound mobile phone survived with 30% of battery still. With the different power consumption modes, you can perfectly regulate the device while doing multiple activities in your HTC Rezound mobile phone.

The mobile features higher resolution image display but lags sometimes while you swipe the buttons between home screens. When using the HTC Rezound mobile phone, you can enjoy the privilege of using Verizon’s LTE Network. You can download umpteen numbers of data within a short time period.

With respect to the software, it runs with android 2.3 Gingerbread and has plenty of preloaded software. Polaris Office, Blockbuster Mobile, Slacker Radio and Amazon Kindle app are some of preinstalled software available in Rezound. Most of the app in HTC Rezound will be interesting and great to use while a few of them will be cluttered when installed in the mobile phone. For enhanced listening, the Rezound mobile phone is designed with a Beats Audio within where you can hear music cleanly and intelligibly